Nov 1, 2023

Duplicate Sheets

As a Revit User, you should be aware that we couldn't duplicate our sheets with views before 2023. And to be honest, since 2023 this duplicate feature is not that powerful…So let me present to you my FREE solution in EF-Tools that works in all Revit versions.

How to Duplicate Sheets in Revit?

The tool works very simple.

  1. First of all Select Sheets:

    • Manually select sheet in Project Browser for quick selection

    • Or if noting is selected, choose Sheets from a menu with filtering option.

  2. Adjust duplicating settings if necessary

    There are bunch of settings you can configure:

    • View Naming

    • SheetName and Number Naming

    • Elements on Sheet to Duplicate

    • Duplicate Option for Views

    • Duplicate option for Legends/Schedules

✅ This will create duplicates of your selected Sheets.

How did I make it?

If you are one of Revit Users who is not afraid of programming with Revit API, you are welcome to look at the source code that I wrote.

This code took 700 lines of code in python + custom WPF form. And WPF was the biggest challenge to write and it took the majority of the script, because I need to define every single text box in the code to use it…

I will not explain it in detail, because that would take a lot of time to cover everything, but you can see the source code on my GitHub Here.

Happy Coding!