Get the most out of Revit!

Create Custom Tools

Every single office has their own way of working, so be the BIM Hero who can create custom solutions for the office.

Automate Tasks

Have you ever considered automating tasks that you do over and over again and focus on more important stuff?

Reduce human error

Computers are perfect for logical and repetative tasks unlike humans, we tend to make error on repetative tasks a lot.

Become an Expert

Take your career to the next level with the skill that is becoming more in demand than ever! Learn Revit API.

👋 Hey

My name is Erik Frits. I am self-taught python and Revit API developer, so I know the struggle when you just start with Revit API...
I want to make it easier for you to learn with tutorials that I wish I had when I started!

👷‍BIM Specialist

I focus on Automation and making custom tools with Revit API + python. I've written hundreds of scripts and I want to teach you do the same.

🧠 Self-Taught

I have learnt everything myself, which means that you can learn it too. But luckily for you, I will provide you resources to make it simple!

🎦 Content Creator

I enjoy sharing what I have learnt in the past years on YouTube and LinkedIn. Follow me to see more.

⌛Save Time

Revit is missing a lot of features we need, but hopefully you will find a few tools in EF-Tools that will make you more efficient in your daily work.

🔓 Open-Source

It means that you have access to all the code that I have written. You can learn from it or take certain pieces and reuse for your own scripts.

✅ It's 100% FREE

Did I mention it's free? You have absolutely nothing to lose if you try it, but it can save you quite some time in Revit.


Free Extenson for Autodesk Revit

Check out my work. There are 50+ tools that can make you more efficient in your daily work. More than 5000+ people watched my installation guide.

Revit API Made Simple.

Programming should be more wide-spread in AEC, Join me and let’s make it happen

New to Python?

Check out Mini-Course for Revit Users.

Still have questions❓

🔵Do you need to be Python Expert to use Revit API?

You need to understand python basics and be able to write functions. You can learn it within 2-6 months if you are just starting. You will pick up more advanced topics as you code more.

🔵How to learn python?

🔵How to Learn Revit API with python?

🔵When does Revit API + Python Course coming?