Master Getting Elements
with Revit API + Python

Filtered Element Collector

Learn how to get elements with the most used class in Revit API.

Revit API Filters

Learn how to use filters to get elements with specific criterias.

Real Examples

Plenty examples with explanation that you can use in your scripts.

Getting Right Elements with Revit API
is Half The Solution!

Most of your scripts will start by getting the right elements,
and if you master getting them, then half of your problem is already solved.

Pay As You Want!

The minimum price is set at 1 euro,
so you can decide whatever is the fair value.


There are 20 pages with examples and explanations to help you learn it the easy way!

Ask for More!

If you feel like there are not enough examples
or you want more explanation about something, let me know. This might result in the second edition.


‚Ć®Happy Coding!

— Erik Frits